The team at collin’s Concrete have sucessfilly complete over 550 separate concrete projects in the past 6 years.
   Collin Yankoviak comes from a concrete contractor’s family — he grew up with a trowel in his hand.
   Collin’s team often includes his father, grandfather and guys he’s worked along side for the past 6 years.
   Collin’s previous projects include a wide range of applications include poured walls, foundations, footings, plus hundreds of flat work jobs.
   But since branching into his own company he works primarily on residential projects, often doing stamped or decorative work. (He’s been called a concrete artiste more than once!)
   We provide references on request and every one of those will attest to our skills and attention to detail. We also provide a rock solid guarantee and are fully insured and registered for residential concrete in Minnesota and Iowa.
   We don’t shy away from larger projects… but we look on even small jobs opportunities to build our reputation. You’ll like our price, too! Fill out the Quote Form and prepare to be impressed!

Why he does it!

   A family of 4 (youngest child, plus Jacks the dog not shown) — and a sincere commitment to his team members are all the reasons in the world why Collin is meticulous about the quality of his work. His family’s reputation is literally set in stone with each new project.  Fill out the form (or just call) now!

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